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Webinar: Renewable Gas as a Tool to Address Scope 1 Emissions in Europe
In the coming months and years, companies will see increasingly accessible opportunities to use renewable gas to address their Scope 1 emissions in Europe. This growth is being facilitated by EU and country-specific efforts to develop and expand markets for renewable gases. The Guarantee of Origin (GO) system is being expanded beyond electricity to cover other energy carriers, specifically biomethane (also known as renewable natural gas) and hydrogen. While these markets are gaining recognition and accessibility, they are nascent, complicated, and evolving quickly.

Join Noah Bucon, Regulatory Affairs Manager at 3Degrees, and Jesse Scharf, Manager at UK Green Gas Certification Scheme and Vice President of the European Renewable Gas Registry, to discuss recent developments in the European market and how companies can leverage renewable gas as an important tool in their decarbonization toolbox.

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